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I have been having lower back pain for a few months. Tight pinch pain which would get worse when bending forwards and it started impacting my flexibility/contortion training, in particular my backbends and anything getting foot to head. The infamous foot hat!

I booked an appointed with Fizzy Lemon Physiotherapy as I didn’t want to give up my flexibility training as it was starting to impact daily movements. She assessed me and found some issues pretty quickly. She went over some exercises to help with this which I found released the tightness almost immediately. Georgina was professional throughout, very approachable and friendly.

One week later after doing my physio homework, I was able to bend without my lower back pinching or taking over and I felt the correct engagement through my hips as needed.

I was able to easily and pain free do a king pigeon on my dork side as well!

Overall I was very happy with my consultation and treatment and would highly recommend!

Image credit: David Harrison Photography


I had an online appointment this evening with Fizzy Lemon Physiotherapy and I am so massively grateful! She is so knowledgeable, informative, friendly and extremely helpful. I feel so much more positive now. I am fully aware of WHY I am experiencing problems with my knee and how to progress towards full health again. I can 100% recommend and will definitely be back for more. VERY happy aerialist here!

Image credi Gabriel Bush Photography